VST AU Kontakt Sample Library - Celtic Harp

Aria Celtic Harp

Traditional Celtic Harp for Kontakt 5 (Full Version)

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Aria's "Celtic Harp"is our first traditional, folk sounding instrument, outside the realms of standard classical music. This was sampled in a completely different room to the our other instruments released so far. We chose a location that would compliment and retain the instrument's warth of tone.

It comes complete with three true dynamic levels, and a brilliant maximum nine true variations per note!
Instrument Summary

- 3 Dynamic levels

- Up to 9 variations per note

- Velocity mapped dynamicsl

This VST instrument was created with a harp recorded in a very warm and soft sounding room, for a much more intimite and pleasing sound. It has also been recorded in such a way that it can easily be applied to all sorts of mixes and styles of music and fit wonderfully with other instruments, reverb etc.