Professional Sample Libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt 4 & 5 - Breathing Life into Virtual Instruments


Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I add your instruments as libraries to Kontakt? 

Our instruments, like most of the rest out there, are not actually Kontakt libraries, so you open them by simply browsing for the .nki in Kontakt's browser tab, or double clicking the .nki normally in your finder (mac) or explorer (windows) to load it up. 

Can I use your libraries to make music to sell/make money? 

Yes! We want people to take our sounds, and make something fantastic with them, and of course use them professionally and commercially. Educational licenses also have no restrictions - you may use these as you would if you paid the full price. 

Can I re-sell or re-distribute/share your products? 

No! The amount of time we have to spend taking down torrents and illegally shared links to our products is just silly, and at the end of the day, it takes away time that we could spend working on the next instrument (there is usually always a project in progress), and it damages the company too - meaning we have less funds to make our next great instrument. Please be considerate and think about this if you are ever tempted to re-distribute our products - we will find the link quickly and take it down anyway, and all it means is wasted time for you and us. 

Can I make video tutorials/guides/reviews of your products and post the online? 

Yes of course you can, we are more than happy to see people spreading the world, and the videos that are popping up are brilliant as they provide more material for other customers to experience our products more before buying and show them how things work.