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Aria Classical Guitarist

Solo Nylon Stringed Guitar for Kontakt 5 (Full Version)

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Aria's "Classical Guitarist", is a beautifully sampled and hugely diverse classical guitar. When programming this vst, we decided to work out some sort of system that would let the instrument keep the full natural attack on every sample/note, whilst still allowing the instrument to be played to a tempo comfortably, and without feelings of latency.
Complete with up to three true dynamic levels, each with up to three round robins, giving a total of nine variations pernote!

Fully functional, and controllable true sampled hammer-ons and pull-offs, as well as harmonics are also included.

We also sampled all notes over with a different motion to simulate chord playing. This way, you can also play realistic strummed chords, and you can change back and forth between finger picking and strumming via key switches.

The full version of Kontakt 5 or above is required to run this instrument. It will not run on the free version of Kontakt player.

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