First Violins from our "London Symphonic Strings" are out now!

A whole new world of sampled string content at your fingertips right now...

We are happy to announce that as of today, we will be releasing, section by section, our London Symphonic Strings, Aria Sounds' first string orchestral sample library. Today, the first violins are out for sale at just half price, with a massive range of techniques and articulations. Included of course, are the essential legato sustains, spiccato notes for your propelling motifs and themes, as well as muted spiccato, muted sustains with true legato, sul ponticello with true legato, more than one type of legato transition, plus new glissando/slide technology and a variety of less common short articulations, string SFX and much much more... All recorded with four mic positions - close, main, rigs and room.

Own the latest fully packed, essential, and extremely flexible string library, starting with the sound of twelve violinists playing in a wonderul sounding hall.

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New Instruments at 50% off! - New Design, and Fantastic Things to Come

See what Aria Sounds has in store!

With a fresh new look, great new plans for some fantastic sampled instruments and libraries (including orchestral strings - see below this), we are happy to release our ethnic flutes. The Chinese Xiao, Indian Bansuri, and Bolivian Pan Flute (Pan Flute only available with the Ethnic Flutes Bundle).

All three flutes were recorded with an exceptionally skilled ethnic flutes specialist, with some brilliant new facilities and equipment, with stunning true legato on the Bansuri and Xiao, plus a great little system for shaping a musical phrase and sounding as human as possible. Check out the demos below: