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Aria SUMMER SALE - up to 80% OFF Products!

Get a great deal this summer at ARIA Sounds with discounts up to 80% on our products!

Aria Catalyst - Cinematic Drums/Percussion - 80% OFF - £19.99

Aria III Soloist Bundle - 50% OFF - £37.50

Aria Solo Violin - 50% OFF - £14.99

Aria Celtic Harp- 50% OFF - £14.99

Aria French Horn- 50% OFF - £14.99

Aria Cellist - 50% OFF - £14.99

Aria Classical Guitarist - 50% OFF - £14.99


Aria CATALYST - Cinematic Drums and Percussion for Kontakt 4 and 5

Our first high end sounding sample library, with an amazing four mic positions to mix between, multi dynamic layers, up to five round robins and over 20 instruments!



Aria March Super Bundle - All latest instruments for just £60.00 - Limited time only!

We are offering all of our currently available instruments, (Violin, Cello, Guitar, French Horn and Celtic Harp), as a bundle for just £60.00 altogether. This offer is for a very limited time, so grab it while you can!

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Aria's Solo Violinist

Complete with true legato intervals, staccato and legato, alternating up and down bow for that extra human sonud, as well as crossfading between three dynamic layers from pp to ff via the mod wheel or MIDI CC1.


  Aria's Kontakt Solo Violin VST


ARIA Sample Libraries for Kontakt

Welcome to ARIA Sounds!

We produce professional and human sounding virtual instruments for use in Kontakt 5 and above, aiming to make top sounding sound libraries more more accessible and available.

III Solo Kontakt Instruments Bundle

We have just released three new instruments, a Solo Cello, Classical Guitar, and French Horn. All three have a great sound, and they are all available individually, or as a bundle for reduced cost.

Please take a moment to listen to the demos for our first three instruments on the right, or visit each instruments page by clicking on the icons below. Please note these patches are compatible and will run only with Kontakt version 5 or higher. They will not run with the free version of Kontakt player.

 virtual instrument cello for kontakt 5cello vst for kontakt aria guitar vst

Sampling and Upcoming Virtual Instruments

We are working on a number of new kontakt instruments to be released in the future including more strings - a solo violin, celtic harp -and possibly some vocalists. We are also looking to even further develop the new system of natural attack designed for our classical guitar virtual instrument. Kontakt 5 is sucha versatile piece of software that the possibilities are endless and these instruments will only continue to leave way for more human and realistic sounds.

ARIA's solo horn interface in the kontakt 5 sampling software

Why are our VST Sounds so Cheap??

The prices we sell our Kontakt instruments at are not a negative reflection on quality of the sounds, but rather a reflection of out desire to make these instruments and sounds more available to everyone to use. Everyone should be able to get the music they write and hear in their head down to listen to as best as possible. You do however need to own the full version of Kontakt 5 or above to run our instruments, and you can purchase this from

Why Kontakt?

We would love to offer our instruments freely to function without the need for Kontakt or any other 3rd party software, however Kontakt is an extremely powerful sampling engine, and runs faster and more smoothly than engines created by close competitors, so we would regard it as essential to anyone thinking of taking their musical compositions and sounds to the next level.